We're on a mission:

A mission to harness the power of Bitcoin and technology to enable individual sovereignty and eventually garner the next evolution of humanity.

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As our understanding of the boundless potential of Bitcoin has developed and deepened, so too has our vision.

By leveraging Bitcoin and the advanced technologies at our disposal it's possible to reimagine, redefine and reengineer our lives, and our world.

Global leaders of the past and present have ransomed our future in the pursuit of profits. We have been manipulated, influenced and controlled by a global pyramid of power that infiltrates just about every aspect of our lives; our education, our entertainment, our societal beliefs and our finances.

But we are the new generation.

We are conscious and choose to fight with ‘light, harnessing the tools of humanity; the incredible technologies available to us to steer the evolution of humankind and create a new world.

A world where everyone has a role.

BASE SCALE MARKET Trading Limited is committed to leading this wave of change; by connecting with, educating and empowering younger generations to reimagine, redefine and reengineer their lives, and the world.


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Our Principles

One day, everyone will become involved with crypto

We believe in learning to teach, and teaching to learn. BASE SCALE MARKET Media is our channel to educate; to connect with the world, to maintain the integrity of our perspective, and to share our intellectual truth.

We seek to provide access to tools and information that allows people to empower themselves (both financially and philosophically) as a means towards economic and intellectual sovereignty.

We aim to actively contribute to the evolution of humanity through the application and provision of advanced technologies and tools that have a positive impact at both an individual and collective level.

Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision

The traditional financial system is built on debt and designed to strip individuals of their financial sovereignty. We never truly own the money we earn and save. It remains the property of the banks and can be seized at any time.

By combining the power of Bitcoin and the Internet, we're building BASE SCALE MARKET Trading Limited, an alternative ecosystem. One that has sovereignty embedded in its blueprint and allows us to, finally, take ownership of our money.


Meet The Team

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Michael Hudson


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Nichola Shillingford

Head of Marketing

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Lara Port

Careers & Wellbeing

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Damien Hartley

Head of Brand & Design

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James Coughlan

Relationship Manager

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